Utopia Now

During the past week I have visited the ‘Utopia Now’ media art exhibiton at the Black Box on Southbank a few times and cannot get enough of these profoundly sick-arse media arts exhibits.
The exhibition is composed of interactive and video imagery installations that both confound and amuse. And it’s FREE.

Upon arrival you are confronted with a giant dissected Michelin Man straddling the exterior. Once inside, a jungle of plants with hyper-sensitive electronic sensors greets you with jungle sounds when brushing your body against their plastic flesh. The sensors are triggered by the body’s own electric charge (or aura). Following is a plethora of viewing and touching and feeling material; with my personal highlights comprising the video shorts. The works include engrossing 10min film pieces by Patrick Bernatchez, Rowan McNaught and David O’Reilly that are certainly a-typical of what I like to think is “the shit”. Also, an interactive shadow and movement piece by Shilpa Gupta is quirky and very amusing. Go on, check it out  (did I say it is free?) –the exhibition is on for another 3 or so weeks. And make sure you have ample time or return to the fold, as there is so very much to take in. Shitloads.


Check the website too if you like: http://www.experimenta.org/

-Rock The Boat


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