GOOD VIBES – Interview with a Norwegian

So… this 24 year old Norwegian girl came bumbling in on our little group in the queue for a vodka slushie. She had tears streaming down her face and said Don’t you just hate men?‘. She didn’t get much of a response from us, just small nods of polite agreement, but we thought at the time she might be good to interview. Weaved in there between Busta Rhymes and Salt’n’pepa, she gives a nice little peephole view into the modern woman’s woes of wooing.

.Good Vibrations 2010 with your on-the-spot reporter: Smigroid     .



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  1. While working of “Naked Gun” when I played Yasser Arafat, I was entering the Paramoont lot on foot. Leslie Nielson was driving unto the lot in a Bentley and our Soundstage was about five blocks in from the the main entrance. So I blithely said, “Leslie, can I have a lift to the soundstage?”
    “Sure,” he replies. “Hop in the back.”
    So I did, and he dons a chauffeurs cap, drives off the lot and all around Hollywood Blvd., before returning to the lot and the soundstage.
    “Dave, did you enjoy your ride, Sir?” he jests. and there we were. What a delightful guy.

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