Buffet 2010

This weekend is host to the Acclaim Magazine / Fashion Exposed Buffet street lifestyle industry showcase. It comprises 3 days of tradeshow, party, public expo and discussion forums. Your host took to the event to get a sneak peek at the latest streetwear and accessories trends and to chat with a few of the freshest up-and-comers in the field.

I caught up with Shelley from Super Special screenprinting -we had a chat about the grand possibilities that were available in regards to creating the freshest tee’s. This company has what I’d regard as the highest quality screenprinting for clothing anywhere in Melbourne. Their gold trimmed and detailed garments were certainly a sight to behold! Super Special of Spotswood (Spottiswoode?) are definitely one to contact if you’re after some custom made tee’s and no doubt they’ll hook you up with a competitive quote. e: info@superspecial.com.au

Next up, I  checked out the myriad of international brands featured at Booth #15’s True To Life Clothing -purveyours of such fine goods as those of Diamond, 10Deep, Upper Playground, Zion and Society (among others). These guys know their shit, check: truetolifeclothing.com.au

Continuing on, I perused the New Era stand, rad designs by Sup (Singapore) and some excellent t-shirt prints from locals Quiet Riot (Thornbury). However, after a little longer wandering around I found an outstanding new upstart by Sydneysider Asher in his Sabotage label. Asher is a native of Manly NSW, from the Northern Beaches part of Sydney. His designs mirror that of some of his various tattoo’s in the Mitch O’Connell / classic tatts sense. I got chatting with Asher and he was a great fellow; eager to peruse my own INFX designs and always scouting for contributors. He let it be known that he wants the label to comprise broad tastes and to promote a lot of different styles; So if you have what it takes & are looking for an outlet with your off-the-wall designs, give Asher a holler at Sabotage: sabotage101@live.com


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