Guilty Simpson

Hailing from the socially bankrupt centrifuge that was formerly glorious as “the motor city, Detroit- Guilty Simpson delivers some of the most bad arse raps known today, complemented with the ingenuity of the late J.Dilla and the production squad at Stones Throw. His breakout singles (and subsequent album) appeared in 2007 with the tracks Mans World and Getting Bitches, catapulting Guilty (or Byron Simpson) into hiphop stardom.

Guilty Simpson has now surpassed the madness that was the album Ode to The Ghetto with the followup remix release/ collaboration in his major work with Madlib titled: Medicine Show No.1 Before The Verdict, featuring Strong Arm Steady and Elzhi. With Madlib producing all tracks alongside ‘OJ Simpson‘, Medicine No.1 features remixes of the best tracks from Ode, coupled with a slab of new material. The release has thus cemented Guilty as one of the finest primo acts on Stones Throw records.

Want to see more? Then I suggest you buy the fucken album.

Or, simply check this Robbery reconstruction off the LP:

Stay tuned too, as Guilty is also producing a new release with longtime Black Milk collaborator Sean Price in an album titled Random Axe.


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