Croatian Festival + Clown

The Labour Day weekend marked this year’s Croatian Festival at the Hrvatska complex in Footscray.

INFX long-time compére Ms. Geyer joined myself in perusing this Balkan-Australian community’s offerings. Although it was great to see an abundance of people (it appeared as though the entire community was present), unfortunately this abundance did not extend to the food and music. What little was on offer didn’t exactly impress, although after a peek in the VIP area we were convinced that only the privledged had the pleasure of the bountiful offerings attributed to this culture right here in Melbourne. Otherwise, I found the exhibits of mannequins modelling traditional dress interesting, although other artworks and photography on display were lacking in appeal.

Overall, it was a satifactory day out -with a splash humour amongst suburban Australians and their ex-pat relatives. This humour was namely a white albinoid rabbit on the back of a red bicycle, seemingly ridden by a sexagenarian clown. An anglo-saxon entertainer too mind you. Ms Geyer and I were lucky enough to stumble upon said clown later (after visiting a few old cranks at the nearby Publishing Museum). We stalked the clown and confronted it with a wide-angle lens…

Ms G: “Are You having a good day?”

Sparkle: “Yes, except that you’re not”

Rock the boat w/ Ms Geyer


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