Element Omahigh

I am certainly a fan of the Hi-Top sneaker. Of which there are many -both good and bad. However, here we are witness to epic brilliance in regard to this particular model shoe.

This favourite is the Element Omahigh. These brilliant boots reflect all that is good for a pair of Hi-Tops; namely comfort, durability and aesthetic appeal. The Omahigh is inspired by Brent Atchley; one of Element’s sponsored pro-skater talents. The shoe comes in a range of colours and styles. Shown below is one of 3 limited edition releases: this being the SM Connect.

Personally, I have a regular pair of Omahighs that I sport on a regular basis. I’ve imported them from the US but they are still available around Melbourne -although the only colours I have spotted are white derivatives and lack the visual appeal of the many others on offer. Another one to avoid is the Kanji model, which is (luckily) one of the aforementioned limited releases that is almost entirely flourescent green -a shoe that will blind both your bank statement as well as your retina cortex.

Check out the SM version:

Rock The Boat


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