Nathan Jurevicius

I’ve finally paid off my Nathan J print after neglecting to get onto it for, what? 3 months. It wasn’t the money. It wasn’t that I wasn’t anxious to get it on my wall (I was and had to replace a tired albeit grand one taking up centre-stage in the loungeroom). It was simply laziness and the fact that I tend to be in transit whenever I’m cruising through the city -which ironically is most days. The point is I got the fucker home. And it was easier than I thought.

Nathan Jurevicius is a home-grown Melbourne talent and has been at the forefront since 1994, debuting at Outré Gallery on Elizabeth in 2004. He is a fine arts artist who permeates the world stage with the likes of your Mike Giant or Jeremy Fish. He is known as a producer of high-quality visual art prints, original artworks and has designed a range of vinyl figures that he is quite renowned for: The Scary Girl series.

Scary Girl is complemented by a graphic novel and a CD release that was produced to reflect the mood of the series. He also designs everything from t-shirts to tarpaulins and has a vast assortment of wares on sale; notably from said Outré Gallery. Anyway, I have the piece up now and thought to share it with you, followed by a clip from Scary Girl. Enjoy.

Photo by D'Dokta

Courtesy of Outré

Nathan Jurevicius b.1977 Melbourne, Victoria. Currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

-Rock The Boat



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