Earth Hour Bullshit

What irks me about Earth Hour is that it uses more energy. This is for 2 reasons: 1) Electrical devices use less power (and in particular, lighting) when they are constantly on. Whereas, everytime you turn on a light, the striking usurps more power in flicking it on, than if you were to leave the light on for 2-3 hours. I can verify this fact. And, 2) The point at which (concievably) millions of people in the one area, drawing power from the same station, turn on their power after the hour is up, all at once -puts such a strain on the power generation that the output is stressed to the maximum, thus burning many times the energy that these power stations would if the load was more evenly spread.
Think about it. Commonsense would probably enlighten you to these notions. And that’s but 2 examples that I know of personally.

In all, Earth Hour is about “spreading the word” -I believe the word is spread and we need to employ more practical measures that work; as opposed to counter-productive tokenism.

Rock The Boat


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