Tim Vine

This evening myself and a couple of close friends attended a stand-up performance at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.
The man we were fortunate enough to see was Tim Vine; an English comic from UK television programme The Sketch Show. The act was a riot! It consisted of a seemingly endless onslaught of cheap gags, described as “An inspired medley of out to lunch one-liners” by The Guardian.
Mmr. Vine (pronounced with two m’s) came out with such beauties as “I saw a woman giving birth to a baby in the snow the other day… -she said the weather brought out the child in her” and “I went swimming with the dolphins -and we just clicked” Then, after taking out an X and Y graph as a prop and cutting in in half: “I love the smell of freshly cut graphs” Sheer banal ridiculousness and a laugh a second, as the jokes were moving almost too fast to comprehend the punchline/s. A definite hoot, all for the tidy sum of $25.

A must see for those with a taste for banal humour in all its glory.

From last year’s festival:

Rock The Boat


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