Dabs & Myla

Melbournes graffiti scene is humbled to have the Super Smooth street art duo Dabs & Myla call this city home.
The pair run in sync; they comprise an epic ensemble that have grown together in both art and relationship over many years.Every day we wake up, paint all day and keep each other entertained with constant chatter and stupid jokes” they muse.
Dabs & Myla are heavyweights on the Melbourne graff scene: with New 2 and as part of SDM and ADN crews, they have trailblazed the fine arts development of graff and remain among the best in the business. Theyve recently flown into town after 12 months in LA; where theyve hooked up with some industry greats and found both inspiration and new outlets for their amazing artworks. They told INFX that theyre to return to LA again having moved there semipermanently; teaming up with Craola to paint some delicious walls (see pic from Miami down below). Also, check some of their works in this video, including coverage of their Super Smooth book launch and Hollywood & West gallery show:



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