Ron Muerck

If you haven’t seen it by now; you gotta check this guy out. Ron Muerck is an Australian-born artist that made puppets for Sesame Street and The Muppets. He came to prominence in 1996 with his exhibit Dead Dad -a fibreglass moulded sculpture detailing a scale model of a dead human. The work featured in Charles Saatchi’s Sensation show in London. Since, Muerck has continued to develop an amazing folio of works in the last 15 years, found on display at the National Gallery of Victoria, here in Melbourne.
His works are breath-taking in their form, appearance and their stark contrast to the everyday. The sculptures are models of humans; from infants to the eldery. As mentioned, they’re constructed from a fibreglass, wax-like substance, fabric, with synthetic and horse hair.

Truly awe-inspiring.
For those that have missed out on the show, a consoling comfort is the fact that NGV has in their (our?) collection Two women; a great example of this excellent artists work.

Now, the evidence:

Rock The Boat


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