Imogen Heap

Matters of the heart have never been easy subject matter for me. When a conversation about the heart surfaces, I will only have two kinds of opine: positive or negative.

As a music junkie, I always have my soundtrack for things: be it good things or bad in my life. Music will always be supreme in expressing one’s feeling and it’s so close to real life; a composition will connect with one’s heart no matter what. I won’t talk about songs that may represent the good things; here is a lovely song that I’d love to hear thousand times when I’m in a bad state of mind.

I love this song a lot, it reflects the condition of this chaotic heart of mine.

Pain on pain on play, repeating
With the backup makeshift life in waiting

Everybody says that time heals everything
But what if the wretched hollow, the endless in-between ?
Are we just going to wait it out

I heard this song for the first time during Imogen’s Live concert in Jakarta. Imogen Heap, as a well-talented singer, is really successful in singing this bitter song in a really wonderful way.

The concert was just amazing. All songs were performed in a strong and stable voice. She also did a good job binding the emotional feeling between the songs and the crowd. I can only sum up the concert in one word: fantastic. Previously, Imogen joined a British electronic music duo named Frou Frou and a multi-cultural British experimental pop band named Acacia. In her solo career, Imogen specialises in heavily produced and arranged singer-songwriter pop -incorporating elements of rock, dance and electronica. She’s famous for her skills in using manipulated electronic sounds. She performs all of her songs in a unique way; she sometimes tries to mix ambient sounds into her music. No wonder that she was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2006 and also recieved 2 Grammy nominations -winning Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for her latest solo album in 2009’s Ellipse. When it comes to Imogen, it’s always magic.



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