Kid Koala

It is Friday evening here in the Antipodes and although I’ve been quarantined amongst the Digital Cinema Compliance appendages, I have dug up a lovely musical event for you all to peruse and enjoy. Dim the lights, Maestro!

Kid Koala (AKA Eric San) is a native of Montreal; he writes graphic novels and narrates them with his scratch-sonic soundtrack. He’s a turntablist and producer, debuting on Ninja Tune with the 2006 release Your Mom’s Favourite Dj. He was integral in the production of Deltron 3030 alongside Del the Funky Homosapien and in Mike Patton projects Lovage and Peeping Tom.

He’s touring currently –playing in Melbourne this Wednesday night at The Corner Hotel in Richmond. He is presenting ensemble act THE SLEW; of which his website alludes to “a puppet musical about a robot who works at a cookie factory (complete with turntable orchestra pit), a quiet-time headphone / beanbag tour for the non-dancing listeners, and a hilarious Roller-rink tour which should be fun for the whole family” (




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