Somewhat like the Invader -whom we featured a few weeks back, Zevs (Schwarz Christophe Arhirre) is a French street artist that gained prominence during the late 90s in Paris.

He takes his moniker from the name of the commuter trainZeus‘. Working with the aforementioned Invader and André; he helped pioneer the French street art scene. Initially targeting the walls of Montmartre with graffiti and ‘shadows’ of the Eiffel Tower, he was also notorious for hitting billboards -with throwies and also defacing and modifying the advertisements.

In the last 5 years, Zevs has moved forward in his approach to the fine arts; implementing new socio-political themes & techniques, including installation pieces. His works are highly sought after and works can cost in the range of $10,ooo. Zevs has recently established a series of productions named “Liquidated Logos” whereby he creates disfigured representations of corporate logos such as Coca-Cola, Chanel, Gucci, Playboy etc. This project comes immediately after his arrest last year in Hong Kong, which was a fitting end to his 7-year “Visual Kidnapping” campaign whereby he would remove, for example: a photo of a model from a huge billboard and demand a ransom to return the image.

He is currently part of the Lazarides artists group that includes greats such as Futura, Mode2, David Choe, Invader, 3D, Banksy, Jonathon Yeo, Reas and Faile.

It’s A Wonderful World

-Rock The Boat



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