Sight & Sound

This month The Arts Centre features abstract artworks from both their private collection and from outside. Accompanied by music that is inspired, created by or an ode to these Australian Abstraction artists (or in an inverse relationship), it is certainly worth checking out.

The stand-out work for me is the Robert Owen piece that was created as a direct homage to Arvo Pärt‘s 1978 composition Spiegel im Spiegel. As this is one of my favourite orchestra compositions, it was breath-taking to admire an epic work (Study for Mantra) that was a complete complement to said musical piece. Owen says of the work that he “was not so much trying to find an equivalent (visual) structure as a form of representation, but an intuitive response (a study)”, hence the title.

Other works that are featured include Michael Graeve‘s contemporary installation work and accompanied soundscape. John Aslanidis made a great impression with his work (below), as did Donald Laycock and, upon arrival the brilliant cubist Roy de Maistre‘s Colour keyboard in homage to music in pairing 7 notes (A to G) with 7 colours of the spectrum. Roger Kemp is also featured prominently; as are his works in the State Theatre foyer and nearby National Gallery of Victoria.


1- Donald Laycock     2&3- John Aslanidis     4- Michael Graeve

-Rock The Boat


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