Semantic Clutter

I was up near A’Beckett today and took the time to check out this exhibition that is part of the Liquid Architecture Festival.
West Space is a truly independent art gallery operated by the artists themselves as an ARI (Artist Run Initiative), established in 1993. The gallery is driven by works that reference multimedia, visual and media arts. They offer a comprehensive range of visual arts literature and ‘alternative’ or underground, independent publications.
This exhibition purports to present the “creative detritus generated throughout an artist’s work process” and includes audio-visual, sound and installation works by
Paul Candy, Lizzie Pogson, & Tess Elieff with James Wright (among others).

I was impressed by the nature of Candy’s piece that references 16th and 17th century cathedral architecture in an ode to atonality pioneer Arnold Schoenberg. However, I was moreso taken by a part of the curtains and projection piece that is displayed upon entry to the venue. Although being immersed in the feel of this work, I couldn’t help but tie it to an existentialist or perhaps superflous view of the natural environment. Having the title of the show, Semantic Clutter foremost in my rationale, I chewed on the notion of this piece as representing a reality that is detached from objectiveness and language, signs and signifiers. I was also drawn to a piece featuring moulding fruit and vegetables on display; and the scent that confounded my senses and released inquisitive emotions. The sound pieces by Pogson were also sensational. In all, it was definitely an enjoyable experience and I look forward to the next incarnation of the 3-part cycle of works; beginning Tuesday 13th july.

West Space: Level 1, 15 – 19 Anthony Street, Melbourne.

-Rock The Boat


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