Enter The Void

This film does not need an introduction but the one that is the opening titles.
Welcome to a kaleidoscopic world of aural and optical, sensorial assault. This smorgasboard of sound and vision epic is the embodiment of celluloid dreams. Do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the spectacle of cataclysmic cinematography that is Enter The Void. Director Gaspar No
é brings to the auditorium a dream state diaspora that will leave you reeling. The film depicts the myopic portraiture of a seemingly infinite post life-cycle within an extra-world narrative. If you can withstand 2 and a half hours locked in an bangin’ club, astral-travelling over cityscapes and myriad visceral imagery; this is your wet dream. It is a film you will wait such a long time to see but fortunately it will be screening at a cinema near you soon. Wait no longer.

INFX says: C’est une présentation qui n’est pas ‘feint art head’.

-Rock The Boat


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