Death Valley Mustangs

Welcome to hybridised rock.
The Mustangs are a live 4-piece that take the stage with formiddable force. Wearing their influences on the sleeve, these lads present a wall of sound that leaves one reeling. The music lets loose amidst odes to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Van Halen, The Meanies, Henry Rollins, and contemporary Desert Sessions against an early psy-rock reminiscent of ELO or a Syd Barrett Pink Floyd. However, their sound is their own and the Lo-Fidelity improvisation that marks their climactic waves are an overwhelming sonic pleasure for your sconce.
To critique The Mustangs I would note that their sound overwhelmes the vocal talent of both leading men
Slim Jim and Micky Stephendaughter. However, their larynx emissions improve with measured input from the bass guitar behemoth Big Tony, whose subtlety leaves one awaiting a Motorhead’s Lemmy style roar.

Bone Diggin‘ Live at the Grace Darling, Collingwood:

Check the Death Valley Mustangs next sound orgasm: Friday, 5th November at Revolver.



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