John Maus

Maus is a music artist that combines a brevity of songwriting with an aptitude in arrangement to bring beautfiul music to the fore. His brittle low-fidelity electro pop stems from a 1980s pop culture influence that has been refined through a prism of academia; having studied music extensively at CalArts and gaining a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Hawaii.
The release featured below is 2006’s Through The Skies For You from his first commercial album Songs, that followed on from over a decade of self-produced records that he released ‘underground’. The track is accompanied by a video excerpt from the spectacular late 1950s live action Fuhrer ZZZ Japanese television series; an early manga precursor to what subsequently became Astro Boy.
Maus is enchanting in the release of his music as far as I am concerned; he uses perhaps romantic mediums such as cassettes and coloured vinyl.

He is certainly a craftsman of auditory sensation as you may agree from listening yourself:

John Maus is on Upset The Rhythm records.



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