Music Nerdism Part 2

Kill the Emos

Today you can argue that one can still get this music per subscription to extra channels of cable or get that satellite radio crap, but really, what has happened is that music itself has been commodified and packaged where the music industry, not the artists themselves, say who you get to hear and what you should like.  If you have money, you can afford to hear subcultural resonance, if you dont HELLO KESHA!  Commercialism and tin foil hats aside, we are getting gypped. (Don’t even get me started on small-town DJs).

Todays vacuous and postapocalyptic landscape of reality television and the publics fascination with media whores of all calibres has eroded the fabric of entertainment as we used to know it.  Now if you display any sort ofinsiderknowledge on the next cool thing, you are a hipster.  The negative connotations of such need not be emphasised in this piece of writing.  Why botherI have already heard what the mainstream has to say about it. The fact of the matter is this: we are an ignorant species despite ourciviliseddemeanor.   The more knowledge the average person does not know about something, the more one rejects it. Its better to throw rocks and scream like a monkey at the fire that burns rather than learn what it can do for you.

If you follow my metaphor you will see that what I really mean is that music and art are the provocateurs of critical insight.  Our lives, our governments, our society as a whole; depend on the willingness to question what others tell us.  To demonise something like ones taste for music that is cooler than the shit you listen to is to play into the mob mentality mindset.

This can go awry in terrible ways.  Emo kids in Mexico still get the crap beaten out of them for being douchey little emo kids. Its a problem that any Telenovela (Spanish Soap Opera) is not afraid to have aserious dialogueabout.  I kid you of course, but I did see an episode where a tearful mother asked her daughter if it was really true,Eres..Emo?” (Are you Emo?)

-DJ Moshi Moshi


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