The Room

Written by, starring, and directed by Tommy Wiseau 2003s The Room has been credited as the worst film ever made and must surely have been shot a decade before it dribbled out of post production. However, it is not just potentially the worst film; but also one of the best
Burdened with overstated, stuttering dialogue and shot on both film and video (for no apparent technical reason), the stockingoverthecamera style is complemented by a sound mix from Family Ties and the Moods compact disc series.
This film is an early 90s symphony: the set design is straight from E-Street or Home And Away. Its the chefd’oeuvre of innuendo and a soft porn spectacular, with only a Fabio or David Hasselhoff missing from the coveted sex scenes. Our sultry heroinesuperstarfilm maker is literally swamped in a thematic ménageàtroi of promiscuity, social despondence and amorality. This all wedged firmly amid an endless epitome of 90s music video!
Watch for theblowjobscene and the infamous drug dealer scene: “Ahhh!”. With lines likeI remember going to LA, the BBQ chicken was nice, that was cool,Hi, DoggyandYou look great babyface, yeahhhcombined with the trendsettingXYZ” (examine your zipper) you will be swimming in aboslute quote delirium.
Wiseau is one sick fuck.

Relish this bizarre and self-effacing moral tale: Cinema Nova screens the film every Saturday night.

The 12 month anniversary is tomorrow night, Saturday February 5th at 11.35pm to celebrate screening the film for a year!


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