Secret Wars: Scale vs. Pierre Lloga

Last night brought the noise in the Melbourne Series 2 Semi-Final for Secret Wars.

Pierre Lloga this time went headtohead with his sometime contemporary nemesis and the Round 1 champion, Scale. Despite the fact that the two share a notional bond with one another; Scale held no fear in depicting Pierre as pathetically imprisoned within his handwritten, pencilpushing cell: A caricature buffeting itself with cat icons; typical of Llogas workIn the meantime though, Lloga invoked a graveyardinspired defiance to see to it that Scale in turn was illustrated as the last of the graffer; as encrouched upon by Pierre himself, with the aid of a chainsaw!

In all earnestness: This battle has exhibited the best of art I have witnessed in the series so far.

So without further adieu, please do visit a video of the late evening:


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