In A Better World (Susanne Bier)

Susanne Bier is a prominent Danish film maker and one of the finest screen directors in the contemporary film world. Her 2002 film Open Hearts (Elsker Dig For Evigt) is recognised internationally as one of the most acclaimed productions borne out of Lar Von Trier’s Dogme manifesto. Her 2004 film, Brothers (Brødre) did not appeal so much but still it over shadows the abominable hollywood remake starring heartthrob sensations Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire.
However, Bier orchestrated a brilliant return to form in her 2006 searing family meltdown After The Wedding (Efter Brylluppet);  certainly her best after Open Hearts. Important to note is that both of these films featured the amazing Mads Mikkelsen.

That said, Biers latest offering fails to outshine even Brothers. Although it is easily a great piece of cinemaIn A Better World (Haevenwas an utter disappointmentsomewhat due to the fact that her filmmaking in such high regard. The characters were underdeveloped and at times their personalities vague and inconsistent. The empathy clearly sought for the characters failed to emote. It lacked the somewhat subdued elements of (although brash) realism; in the face of so much hyperrealism amid the genre. Add to this a repetitive score and casual shots in poor lighting (a feeble nod to Dogme?), and youre barely content. Come the closing shot and I was glad to be alone in the cinema as I was shouting aloud at the recklessness of such a cheesy and unbelieveable closing scene.


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