Grandpa Shea

Here we have a visual artistry studio of a contemporary uniqueness that would most likely be lost on your grandparentsalthough the website might also remind you of oldfashioned items reminiscent of back in the day. While Shea himself has not yet opted for parenthood; let alone becoming a grandfather, his works do brood over you with an inclination of the wise and weathered. He describes himself as a frail pencil wielding artist, hermit and narrowminded fuddy duddy which is demonstrated by his socially macabre thematic inclinations, amidst the quirk of his website.
The art is composed of blackandwhite charcoal, graphite pencil and ink: illustrative works. He uses innovative printing techniques in adhering to his environmental conscience, sourcing100% post-consumer recycled stock and vegetable based inks“. The subjects of most pieces are cariacatures of the everyman and of personality or identity; people posing as victims of circumstance, situation. Particularly striking are those that puncture a hole in the sense of the banal and most compelling in this is his Gradation of a Woman and Education pieces.
Grandpa Shea continues to refine his styles with the aid of his quirky imaginations (or realisations?). The studio resides online at and on –definitely worth perusing!


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