This band heralds the mother of all Epic Rock: personified by seven sweaty, medievalclad musicians. Emblazoning the stage with their dress; each wearing a unique style depicting dark ages stereotypes including a celt, viking, vandal, grim reaper etc; as they behold powers of flame, life and deathbefore your very eyes.

Myles Tauchert and Frankie Gionfriddo front the stage as a pair of marauding behemoths of legendary proportions. Their sacraficial publicity campaign notes that the Barbariön “stage show combines historically inaccurate, sexually ambiguous, highly flammable costumes with hastily assembled pyrotechnics in confined spaces, along with carefully choreographed guitar moves and plenty of exposed flesh. There is rarely a dull moment. Furthermore, we hold the mantle of the heaviest band in Melbourne with a combined weight of nearly 1500lbs!” all volume of which will muscle in on any crowd, as Richard Kelly unleashes his relentless deathdrum mantra.

These axewielding metal maniacs this year went pillaging on an East Coast Big Day Out tour and only this weekend do they release their bigbudget cinematic video film clip triumph for their smashing single My Rock.

This clip is destined to rock your world –check it out:

Babarion – Video Clip Launch at The Tote, Collingwood Saturday 16th April.



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