The Process

A dreary mode of New Wave courts 80s Australian Rock with a lashing of Contemporary Pop.

Thus describes but one facet of The Process: an inspiring local talent that takes refuge in its curious sound. Sashaying between permeating chords, percolating drum beats, and aching vocals we are taken on a sonorous journey that feels uncomfortably detached; while lusciously immersive, all at once. Ephemeral” vocalist and current guitarist Saxon Jorgensen so describes their sound. I must agree; but contrarily, this transitory and oblivious sound structure will confound in its complexity and absolution of musical mores. Personally, I feel that this is demonstrated amicably in tracks All Eyes, The Void and Before The Storm.

Following on from successful gigs at popular band halls including Roxanne Parlour & The Evelyn, The Process next week appear at the utterly remarkable Montsalvat. Amidst the French Provincial splendour, The Process will indeed grace and garble their way across the stage at this notorious estatearguably the home of modern Australian art, and host to the Rolling Stones in 1973. But enough blather! Listen for yourself:

The Process @ Montsalvat, Eltham:  Saturday May 14th from 7pm.


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