Society Of Beggars

The band sweeps onto stage in a most striking manner; bassist Zack Wright towering over the crowd and indeed, the entire ensemble imposing in their stature.
And then the music is released. Fundamentally arockband, the ebbs and flows of this music stretch as far between as The Pogues, Greek wedding music, and contemporary rock. Society Of Beggars is the most enjoyable band I have seen in a very long time, and it is brilliant to hear a sound that gives Australia its own Gogol Bordello; albeit one that frontman Yianni Michalopoulos presents most markedly humble and authentic.
The Beggars are touring profusely at moment, on the back of their albumn release Exit Soul‘, produced by Oren Gerassi at Air Particle Ensemble. The albumn is released FREE, and as their website announces:  Exit Soul is entirely free to enjoy, remix, cover or spread it around And really, you cant get much more bad arse than that! So get downloading, and come support one of their many gigs.

Clickthe image above to claim your Free Copy of ‘Exit Soul.

 Also, check their History page for upcoming shows.


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