Ricky (François Ozon)

François Ozon is one of the most proiminent, leading contemporary French filmmakers. He has produced and directed a mighty body of work including such cinematic greats as 8 Women, Swimming Pool, and (arguably) Potiche. However, his most profound film in recent times is Ricky.

Although this film is quite abstract in its character analysis of its human subjects, I have attempted to detail the scenario in which this tale is set. Our female lead and provocateur, Katie (Alexandra Lamy), works in a factory where she is exposed to the inhalation of corosive and highly dangerous chemicals. A single mother juggling work and the needs of her young daughter, she falls in love with Paco (Sergi López) and also becomes bedridden with illness, about the same time. Concurrently, she discovers that she is pregnant. Upon taking sick leave from work, Katies mental state deteriorates to the point where her reality is vexed and convoluted, upon going into labour. Paco then takes custody of her daughter, in an attempt to provide her an upbringing in a calmer environment. He then finds himself amid a storm of delirious and accusatory behaviour from Katie. She then decides to give Ricky up for adoption. This film is a poignant drama that is swathed in a fantastic depiction of Ricky; a film that raises many questions to ponder (does Ricky exist? Is Paco an imagined version of her Exhusband?): See it for yourself and draw your own conclusions!


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