Kuala Lumpur (Super Sunday SSCG)

I rocked into town on the back of a tourofduty through cities in Japan, China, the vexatious and insidious DPRK, South Korea and, finally Malaysias Kuala Lumpur. However, all was eerily quiet and I found myself wandering the streets alone. A large Police presence began to present itself and I was suddenly asking myself whether the revolution was in my midst.

Rounding a corner, I was faced with a blockade of riot gearclad Policeman and Military brandishing sophisticated weapons such as clubs, batons, and the obligatory tear gas. I could not see the protesters for the governmental ensemble; except for the few that broke police lines and bolted through the streets, before being cut down by said weaponary. Beatings ensued.

Next, the cops started to warn any onlookers (the 2 dozen or so of us), togo back to your hotel rooms, go! go! go!” –and that we did, as the tear gas was let loose. I found myself wondering what fate had led me into the situation; following on from a nightmarish week under 24/7 sureveillance, scrutiny, and fatalistic intimidation back in the DPRK.

By midday the crowds had dispersed in my area (next to Opposition Party headquarters). Next day, I went sightseeing amongst the graffiti exploits of my Malaysian friends, and topped it off with some discussion about the Secret Wars movement and the graff functions organised by the real heads at Super Sunday. It was my second trip to the store, and if you are ever down at Bukit Bintang, wander around the monorail station and check out the styles on show there!

Also, check some documentation of my time spent about town:



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