INFX recently caught up with one of NYC’s great artistic talents: VeinOne. A member of the wellrespected Bt (Bronx Team) Crew, Vein was raised throughout New York City, growing up in all 5 boroughs; mostly in Queens. Our main man Vein started getting up proper from 1995 and has gone from strengthtostrength ever since. Here we have the interview wherein we see the story told from the man himself:

INFXYoure a born and bred New Yorkerhow did you start up on the graff scene?

VeinOne: I remember being in 4th grade [and] I would see a couple of my friends practising their throwups. At first, I really didnt take it serious because I was a toy and I didnt really know a lot of writers.

INFXWhat do you think of the current generation of NYC writers?

VeinOne: I think most of the new writers are eager to paint but they have no one to guide them and teach them the history of this art. To the new writers I say everyone pretty much starts off toy but its where you take it from there. Keep doing your thing.

INFXWhat are your main artistic motivations or influences?

VeinOne: I would have to say my crew motivates me. We are a family of creative individuals and we all push each other to produce some dope walls.

INFXHow do you see yourself within theart marketas such?

VeinOne: I would love to make a living off my art, I hate being a starving artist.

INFXWhat new styles are you picking up at the moment, and where are you heading in terms of style and the future in general?

VeinOneLately, Ive wanted to focus more on background scenery painting. Im always open to learning new tricks and techniques or anything that can make me a better artist. As far as my style, well I guess well have to wait and see where it goes because its always evolving one way or the other.

So there you have itAnd keep an eye out for VeinOne Bt hitting up the scene in a big way!

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