The Salt of Life (Gianni Di Gregorio)

Gianni Di Gregorio‘s film is one of the more thoughtful and comically entertaining films due for release this year. Di Gregorio (Writer/Director of 2008s acclaimed Gomorrah) both directs and plays the leading role in this wistful comedy; markedly titled Gianni e le Donne (Gianni & The Women) in his native Italian. Gianni (the leading character, and not to be confused with the Actor/Director himself) has recently reached a turning point in his life: the onset ofold age‘. Having been made redundant from work, he finds himself mindful of not only his aging face & body; but of his relevance to the worldatlarge.

The film is endearing to the plight of this ageing Italiano and charming in its climactic (yet restrained) final scenes. Its looks at the romanticism and sexuality of Gianni as he ponders his lacklustre marriage and his attention to (and from) young women. At once an humourous, heartfelt and honest observation of the aging man The Salt Of Life is wonderfully shot with subtle stylisation. The film wont stir up any mediapack accolades but its surely a fine production; with a brilliant cast.

The Salt Of Life opens this week at Cinema Nova.


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