Emma ‘Danger’ Bertoldi

Emma Bertoldi –street art stalwart and artistic extraordinaire confesses her sins of the street to INFX. Growing up in Brisbane, Bertoldi remembers hitting the skateboard and cruising down to the park where sheadored the art that was scattered over the concrete“. She admits she was never the best skater but found grand artistic influence there and revelled in the scene.

INFX: Youre from Queensland, living in Brisbanewhat got you into street art?
EB: There are a few combinations that hooked me on street art. When I was nineteen I [began] to study Fine Arts (Animation). The computerised direction of animation, just wasnt cutting it for me. Im an old school 2D illustrator with pens, ink, pencils and a light box. I started to really notice the art that grows on the Brisbane streets and felt that rush you get when you’re about to drop in on a 6ft pipe… (6ft is huge to me as I’m short as fuck!) that was it for me, I was sold.

INFX: Thats the shit! What artistic influences resonate with you; influences found outside of your university Fine Arts studies?
EB: I adore old school animations and comics like Otto MessmersFelix the Cat‘. Theres this brilliance in being able to do so much with such a basic character structure. The expressions and gestures have to really be bold to convey the story as the majority where silent films. That element is the most influencial in my works.

INFX: Your works are amazing; how are the tshirts coming along?
EB: TShirt Art is my naughty little crush! I have so much fun working on my Donnie Danger label. Its awesome walking down the street and spotting someone rocking one of my tees!

INFX: Do you have any shows coming up, and when are you next in Melbourne?
EB: Im [currently] organising the 3rd Lucky Duck paintoff in Highgate Hill. This awesome new bar in West End JamJar has asked me to paint [their] wall. Im saving [for] Berlin next year and heading to San Fran to live for a while. There will definately be a trip down to Melbourne before I head off but whether itll be for business or pleasure is still unknown.

Well, we hope Bertoldi meets many pleasures during her intercontinental crusades; and no doubt INFX will take note of her whereabouts! So Stay Tuned!

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