Pigeon English

To all the fellows chasing those rad, daring, and strictly unattainable pieces of menswear: these spruikers of forgotten trends are hip to the scene, with a fresh caché of gnarly vintage wears.

Pigeon English are on the indie market scene to provide men with retro and vintage clothing that has somehow been rescued from your late uncles misspent youth. Anne Freeman and Paul Rabinovich invite you to visit their carrel at various upcoming venues, to check some of this splendid gear out. Not just for the hipsters; theres bound to be something that appeals to you and yours!

Check out Pigeon English coming at ya:

Saturday 3 September Evelyn Markets
351 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Australia

Saturday 3 September Mister ModeFashion Night Market
Garden Street Warehouse, South Yarra
20:00 23:00

Sunday 11 September Southside Handmade & Vintage Market
Urban Hotel3537 Fitzroy St, St Kilda


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