INFX this week put the word on the hip, hotandhappening street artist Cake. From Brooklyn, NYC, Cake has recently made an appearance in the Italian Vogue Magazine and also featured in last months Juxtapoze magazine issue. She studied the fine arts at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn following in the footsteps of street artist Swoon, and the notorious Rob Zombie.

How did studying at the Pratt Institute influence the direction of your art?
I think I would feel the influence from Pratt many years later in regards to my public installations. My dear friend Polina and a group of super talented people really began doing work on the streets, and at the time, I watched them but kept myself and my work contained in my studio. I wasnt ready to be so connected to the public and to people back then, I was much more comfortable being isolated and alone. Im so grateful that I finally became more interested in expanding my practice, it has brought me much joy.

Your inclusion in the May edition of Italian Vogue magazine was stunninghow was that experience?
Thank you that was incredible from start to finish. Its not everyday you have talented people doing your make up and hair and photographing you. It was a total honor Vogue Italia is the bible of all fashion magazines, so theres really not much to compare it to.

Since featuring in Juxtapose magazine recently, have you found your art (or you as exhibitor) in higher demand?
Juxtapose is another great publication. That interview was part of the group show that is up in LA right now at C.A.V.E. Gallery it was curated by my boys at Brooklyn Street Art. Some really amazing work in that show by a real array of artists.

Although youve exhibited in Berlin and on the U.S. West Coast; youve mostly exhibited in Brooklynis that because youre a local?
I do live in Brooklyn and I have my beloved studio here. I would say that there is a strong community of people invested in street art and graffiti here. Theres alot of great people in this scene from artists, to photographers and bloggers. I love being here with all of them.

After your first solo show last year; are you keen for another? And where would you love most to exhibit?
I would love another opportunity to have another solo show. I work feverishly, and I am surrounded by many paintings and drawings and would love to get them out there to an audience. I believe I am patient and allow for things to take their natural course in regards to my art career. As long as I keep making things Ive got all my bases covered.

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