Koryo Warriors

It is the year 992 AD, and the Northern Korean peninsula is being ruled by a hierarchy of mean, oppressive and mentally distorted individuals. The people are enslaved by these tormentors and are cast into subservient poverty and starvation. Fast-forward over One Hundred and Twenty years later, and little has changed

During a recent trip to the notorious DPRK I had the opportunity to meet the countrys only film director. This director claims that he produces and directs a whopping 25 films a year (yes, one every two weeks!). And in spite of this ridiculousy fantastic and downright absurdly contrived country; I was in fact able to shoot my own film (of sorts); utilising the excellent studio facilities (namely the costume department). So take a trip back to the Kim Il-Sung inspired history of 757 AD and witness: Koryo Warriors.



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