Leni Riefenstahl

INFX presents an antisemitic feast of the highest regard! Herein we feature the entire fulllength film of the Adolf Hitlersanctioned Triumph des Willens.

Leni Riefenstahl began life as a dancer prior to the formation of Nazi Germany. Whilst performing in Prague, she suffered a broken knee, and thence moved into the film world. After gaining notoriety as an actress, she switched to making films. Riefenstahl is well regarded as a cinematic pioneer: she brought new innovations into the development of film propaganda. Her technical and aesthetic achievements in film production culminated in Triumph des Willens. Following a spate of propaganda films for the Third Reich, she completed her Olympia film in 2 parts; travelling to the home of the Olympics in Greece before documenting the 1936 games in Berlin. Olympia is widely regarded as the 20thcentury benchmark for documentary. Her use of slowmotion capture and dolly shots tracking athletes was indeed groundbreaking. However, after the fall of Nazi Germany her own career disintergrated. Although not charged before the Nuremburg trials, she remained artistically void until reemerging as a photographer in Sudan during the 70s; where she documented the Nuba tribe. For this she achieved international recognition, and continued on to realise her dream as an underwater photographer. Following her death aged 101, in 2003, her achievements in film were revisited and posthumously endowed with the acclaim they deserved (in spite of her employ by the genocidal maniacs of the Nazi party).


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