Sugar Mountain Festival 2012

The newest musical ensemble feast to hit Victoria is now upon the horizon; once again hosted at The Forum in Melbournes CBD. The first lot of  Sugar Mountain tickets went on sale yesterday: for the event in January 2012.

The first half of the lineup has just been announced too; with the aweinspiring John Maus headlining alongside other knockout acts including Deerhoof, Prince Rama, local upstarts Worlds End Press and many more! Their website is kicking it too; teeming with photography, artwork, and free download mixtapes by Oscar SlorachThorn, Nick Allbrook, and Rat Vs. Possum (among others). The site also features a swathe of information on the festival (as youd probably expect), and Oscar also treats us to a somewhat impromptu interview with CoCo Rosie; before endowing us with a video for his Oscar + Martin track Recognise. Also, in the Film section youll find a video documenting work by street art maestro Two One and a clip by The Forest City Rockers Ft. Thee Oh Sees. Sugar Mountain presents us with a grabbag of contemporary, studious musical greats and complements them with film screenings,  photography, and art exhibitions. Hurry in and get your Early Bird tickets to this artistry exposition at:


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