George Tipton

Hopefully, the weather has shed its tumultuous start to Spring; and as we warmup into the summer; this is the man you want on heavy rotation!

George Tipton is a funky folksoul composer; know for his music production, film and television scores (including The Golden Girls and The Love Boat). However, this musical great didnt just meander around TV studios cheesing it up. He also worked extensively with Harry Nilsson during the 70s and produced hits including Nilssons Everybody’s Talkin’ and, earlier, the skewed pop music by Star Treks Mr. Spock: Leonard Nimoy. Tipton went on throughout the 70s belting out funkadelic tracks such as Cotton Comes to Harlem (from the film of the same name) and other greats including his composition of Renaissance lute piece Gassenhauer (from the 1973 film Badlands). Also noteworthy is his arrangement of the Light My Fire cover version by José Feliciano. Hes also the man you want to be tracking down for some excellent breaks: many of which can be cut from the album Nilsson by Tipton. Definitely one cool cat for the hawt summer.


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