King Of The Gypsies (Shane Meadows)

Shane Meadows follows in the tradition of filmmakers Ken Loach and Mike Leigh in his exposé of Englands working class humility. He is renowned for such films as the 1999 tale that is inspired by his childhood; A Room For Romeo Brass, the stunning 2006 This Is England, and its5part television series followup This Is England ’86. Paddy Considine features in a lot of his film work; the pair have been close friends since they met at Art School in the Midlands. In Meadows most recent film Considine is again in the starring role, as the manic Arctic Monkeys roadie in Le Donk & ScorZayZee; a parody of documentary that he filmed in just 5 days. The film was made in the vein of This Is Spinal Tap and harks back to the quasiguerilla filmmaking style of his collegiate years. King Of The Gypsies is the epitome of this early documentarystyle work, and it also lends a lot of understanding into Meadows creative and formulaic perspective. Enjoy.


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