Michael Shannon

Take the best acting qualities ever displayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman and marry them with Joaquin Phoenix. Then mash both together with a mallet, and you will have some semblence of Michael Shannons acting dynamic.

Shannon grew up in Kentucky and performed in stage productions in Chicago. He then left the U.S. to live in London; working in various West End productions. Arriving back in the U.S., he began to perform generic roles in both Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay blockbuster films (somewhat perverting his talents). However he soon moved toward semiindie productions in Vanilla Sky and Tigerland (albeit in minor roles). It wasnt until he embarked upon a supporting role in Sam Mendes Revolutionary Road that he began to mark his filmic maturity. Earlier this year, Shannon steeled himself for the starring role in the crudely ominous and infatuating Werner Herzog film My Son What Have Ye Done? Following this amazing onscreen performance, comes the release of spellbinding film Take Shelter. Shannon again plays the lead, in which he grips you by his performance; the audience bracing for his every facial expression and emotion. This is an excellent film and another best for Michael Shannon so be sure to check it out!