Fundraiser For Familia

For Familia is a music gig coming up at the end of the month. It is in aid of the Familia Moja Childrens Home in Kenya. The benefit features music from the Tantrums, Lowtide, Baptism of Uzi, and Sydneys Melodie Nelson. DJs are also on the scene, with Shags (Lost Animal) and Chris (New War) dropping tunes on the night. The gig starts at 8pm on Friday, 28th October. It will be held at The Workers Club in Fitzroy. For a mere $15 you will be happy in the knowledge that all funds will go directly to the Familia Home in Kenya; where Westerners have volunteered to help the locals build a permanent structure & facilities. The project is aimed at helping children that are affected & displaced by diseases including AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The project provides a nutrituous diet, shelter, and clothing to suffering poor of the country; with a view to educate and improve the overall wellbeing of the local community. The home itself is also being built with sustainable technologies and the Familia certainly needs all the help they can get!___________________________________Event  On Facebook