Tom Tom Crew

The Tom Tom Crew present a tourdeforce of hip hop culture, acrobatics, beatboxing and contortionist curiousities that leave you gripping your seat and chanting for more!

Id only just got the chance to see them at The Forum the other night; and the show has been running since the 4th October. It winds up on the 23rd too so there are only a couple of shows left. The crew is headed up by Tom (beatboxer extraordinaire and established graffiti artist). They formed at the 2006 Woodford Folk Festival and became an instant hit. You get the impression that there was a hiphop & breaks crew warming up alongside an acrobatics and trapeze troupe; and they suddenly realisedlets mix both acts together“. Since their inaugural show, the crew have toured globally, from the Adelaide Fringe to Edinburgh, London, New York, Berlin, Taipei, NZ, Belgium, and the Netherlands; as theyve crisscrossed the world in the last 5 years. This is a truly epic performance show, and a lot of fun. If you get the chance, theyre well worth seeing.