‘Monk Ey

This is one of the fresh, hiptothegame, young tings runnintings in Mexico City.Monk Ey recently featured in Mexicos Street: Active Lifestyle magazine, mapping out his musical and contemporary cultural endeavours. He has achieved notoriety as the founder of Square Root Of Pi, known officially as √π and along with the Pi posse, theyre lording it over the underground scene in Mexico.

I caught up with the mad monk in between his DJ gigs and the cutting edge live band, hiphop and electronic music ensembles that √π is renowned for:

INFX: What kind of tunes are you working into your DJ sets at the moment?
Monk Ey: Old Chicago House, House, Disco, Acid And Techno, Basically.

INFX: What do you make of the club scene in Mexico City, And how do you fit in?
Monk Ey: Its Kinda Bizarre. Its Not Merged, Its Not United, Its Not Going Anywhere. Most Of It Are Playing The Same Tracks (Psycho Dubstep @ 160 BPM), It Sucks. Its Difficult To Push The People To Other Style Of Music. Some People Love My Sets, Others Hate Them. 120130 BPM That, For Me, Its The Best.

INFX: Seems like they prefer the Happy Hardcore When was the last time you dropped Acid in a club?
Monk Ey: Actually, A Month Ago. The ResultsEverybody Loves It, Nobody Knows It For Real. When I Play Acid Its When The People Go Nuts Dancing And Screaming Like There Is No Tomorrow, But They Arent Aware Of It. Its Like Acid Is A PartyOnly Music.

INFX: Its a fucken party alright. Finally, though, tell me: Do you know of any mad real cocktail recipes?
‘Monk Ey: Indeed, I Do! A Friend Told Me About Mascara De Gas“, Or In English, “Gas Mask“. Its A Drink With Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila And Fire. They Mix Up All, Put Flames On It And, Keep The Gas In A Glass Upside Down, You Take The Shot And Then, You Breathe All The Gas On The Glass, Then Youre All Dizzy. Ha!

Well, no doubt my man ‘Monk Ey will be busy gettindizzy all weekend. Big Ups to the monk, and stayed tuned for an upcoming exposé on the √π  crew. Meanwhile, heres a sneak peek of Monk Ey and the team in action:


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