Media Arts 1+2

This week, Wednesday 2nd November: Come party with the RMIT Media Arts crew.

From 7pm, we shall inhabit a speciallychosen and almost purposebuilt venue to strut our collective self on the big screen. Well have a few drinks, feel the beat, and settle down for an hourlong feast of video and filmic works by 1st and 2nd year Fine Arts students. Following the screening, the DJs will come to the fore: featuring Utopian Swaggers Faggot Swagger tunes accompanied the visuals of the Bearded Ladiezz (A.K.A. Permian La Cube), a VJ set by Andy Turland (our supremo host), yours truly spinning Autobox DJ styles and the main man, Rob McDougall kicking out the tech later in the piece; spinningtil stumps.

So get your Art on and groove on. Get your travel down on up into this bitch, and jig along to 14 Hardy Street, Brunswick (just off Albion St). Nearest Station is Anstey. Check it.