Adelaide’s Forgotten Outlaws

In the past year, Id noticed a staggering rejuvenation of the Adelaide street art scene. What initially caught my eye was a large poster of Albert Einstein riding a bicycle past alongside Her Majestys Theatre in the Chinatown district. Until now, I had always wondered who was behind these quirky exhibits emerging throughout town.

Peter Drew is the man responsible for this surge in creativity, and his work can be seen on almost every building in the Adelaide CBD. Inspired by his recent arrest for a series of pixelated faces quoting All you need is Like, his latest project titled Adelaides Forgotten Outlaws exhibits black and white portraits of prisoners from a forgotten era; providing a solemn yet endearing look into the past. The artists identification with the individuals portrayed, and indeed with the criminality of  street art itself, provides a vibrant backdrop to the once grey city; and a compelling statement to street arts opponents.

Keep a look out for Peters work the next time youre vagabonding through town, or check out his previous online: