Deb is one of the most popular street artists working in Australia today. Her female characters adorn many businesses and commissioned walls throughout Melbourne & Sydney, and she has held many exhibitions whilst still engaging in grassroots events. This week, INFX was able to hit Deb up for some words on her current state of affairs:

INFX Having been on the scene for a long time now, what would you say has been one of your biggest artistic (career) highlights?
Deb: Its hard to say because theres always so many projects going on, its really hard to highlight the most outstanding. Every time I have a solo show I put months of work into it, so no matter what other exciting jobs I have going on, these always feel like the best and most rewarding achievements as after each show, Ive just spent months pushing my style further. The Outpost Festival on Cockatoo island, Sydney, starting 4th November has been a big and amazing project to work on. There is so much amazing work to see over there.

INFX Cockatoo Island seems to be a heavy event. Youve said before that your characters somewhat amplify some of your own character traits how would you say theyve developed in recent years?
Deb: If they amplify some of my character traits its due to different times of my life and things I may be going through or feeling. They are also sometimes infused with issues around the world that bother or move me, or sometimes purely fantasy art. If you look through my stuff its pretty diverse and always changing, there are many themes, creatures, characters and colour palettes.

INFXBeing such a prolific artist during your years in Melbourne (with jaunts to Sydney & LA), and with widespread acclaim, what motivated you to move to Sydney?
Deb: I really dont knowI was becoming agitated in Melbourne, regardless of how my art was doing, I just felt like I really needed a change. I started doing more painting projects up here and thought Id give it a go. I live in Sydney for now but again I think Ill be wanting to move again,and next time will be overseas.

INFXYeah, and with shows such as Young & Free‘, Australian artists are doing well in the US at the moment do you see yourself Stateside anytime soon?
Deb: I think about it all the time I feel like Im meant to go there now and that it would be a bigger push towards the direction I see my art going. I will never be at ease till Ive gone and spent some time over there doing my thing; as I have wanted this move for years now. It will happen next year.

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And no doubt things will continue to happen for Deb. A big thankyou for the interview; and we wish Deb all the best in Sydney and abroad!