The Warriors

Californian hardcore group The Warriors have been making some of the most aggressive music of the last 9 years, and yet they seem to remain one of the most underrated bands of the genre. Since their inception in 2002, the bands lyrical and sonic maturity is evident in the fact Marshall Lichtenwaldts voice has seen significant changes between the groupsearly, raw material to their current sound.

Combining the poetry of Rapinfluenced lyricism and crushing metalinfluenced riffs, The Warriors create a sound that will have you both engrossed and wanting to throw fists. The passion and aggression bleeding from each track is reminiscent of bands such as Rage Against The Machine that explore themes of social injustice and despair. These guys have largely remained under the surface through numerous record label and band member changes, and their varied progression in sound.

Listen to ‘Set The Stage‘ from their 2004 EP War Is Hell (Redux) below: