Matthew Dunn

Today we interview the amazing comics and drawing artist Matthew Dunn. After a spate of exhibitions and both print & original art releases (including skateboards), Matt remains an impressive figure on the local scene. Hes currently got 2 new graphic novels on the go and continues to work tirelessly. Here we ask a few quick questions of the man:

INFX: What was the first comic or illustrations that fascinated you?
M. Dunn: Batman. It was the first comic that really hooked me as a kid, and many of my favourite artists (such as Mignola, Gianni, Pratt, Van Fleet, etc, etc) have worked with the character and helped to feed the addiction over the years.

INFX: Cool. What kind of academic history do you have?
M. Dunn: A 1 year art course years ago. The main thing it taught me was that I prefer to experiment and figure things out for myself.

INFX: Hahha, nice one. Can you tell us about the relationship youve had with SemiPermanent?
M. Dunn: I had an illustration in the 2011 SemiPermanent book, and have exhibited in SP side show exhibitions the last couple of years.

INFX: Sounds like success. Tell us: Do you have a favourite cocktail/meal recipe you’d like to share?
M. Dunn: I dont really drink these days because I work 7 days a week and find it impossible to draw while hungover. My favourite meal is Teriyaki Chicken down on Sydney Road in Brunswick, but Ive yet to crack their recipe.