Circle Jerk

Do you consider 5.1 surround the real sound? No way that you would in comparing it to the Circle Jerk audiovisual bonanza thats coming your way.
This gig involves 100 speakers; all calibrated to immerse the spectator in an epic aural assault that will mesmerise & seduce, offend & embellish: with 5 huges rooms spanning the most of Revolt, a tailored warehouse venue in Kensington, get ready for the Circle Jerk (presented by the What Is Music? Festival). Featuring a cavacade of Sound and Media Art works, Live digital art, and Performance pieces; it is truly an event for the senses. At once you will find yourself surrounded by sounds and visualsventure to any of the performance areas: theres the chilled Screening Room with Media Art installations conversing with Short Film and Video Art, the Ballroom with Live ensembles that will thrash through and manipulate sound as youve never experienced. Dash into the Side Room to check a live performance piece, or make your way down to The Dock where gigs by the likes of Wrong Room will be splitting sound into the 4th dimension. Tickets just $12 (Con.) and $15 Fulltotally worth it! Saturday, 10th December at Revolt, 12 Elizabeth St. Kensington (Metro Station is Macauley).



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