Mount Worth

And so with my comrade Herr Murdoch, it transpired that a little detour into the unknown expanse South of Nilma in Gippsland brought a bounty of fruitful visual splendour. Yes, without map nor purpose and en route to the far East of the state we did depart the M1 hoping to define the Strzelecki Ranges in earnest. After careening around the country lanes and admiring the landscapes of Bona Vista and Allambee, we at once found ourselves opposite the Mount Worth State Park. After taking in the fresh mountain air we ventured closer to this accidental summit and parked the vechile at one of the Park entrances. Therein we embarked upon bushwalking endeavours that enveloped us in the magnificent natural surroundings. The trek took us through the Giants Circuit –a bizarre and spaghettidesignedloopthat leads one through huge, dense Tree Ferns, Mountain Gum and Blackwood forests. And then we were among the remnant forest that hosts over 300year old Mountain Ash trees that are almost 100 metres tall and a whopping 10 metres wide. But now to the evidence:

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Mt. Worth is sited on traditional Boon Wurrung, Kurnai, and Bunurong lands.